APO Overview // What is “Rush”? // Rush Schedule


An Overview

Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed fraternity based on the three principles of Leadership, knight-leaderpreviewFriendship, and most importantly Service. Founded on principles such as the Scout Oath and Scout Law, there is both a strong sense of brotherhood and camaraderie within the chapter as we build each other up and serve our fraternity, campus, school, and nation.

Pledging APO presents students with an opportunity to better themselves and the community around them. With programs such as APO LEADS, you’re encouraged to strive for a higher standard of self, with presented opportunities to learn more about what it means to be a servant leader and how to apply those skills to your life. Alpha Phi Omega aims to boost personal leadership through instilling the core principles of leadership, friendship, and service in all of it’s members. It’s on this foundation that we can truly make an amazing impact on a local and national scale.

The best part of the Alpha Phi Omega experience? We want to share it with you.


Rushing APO

Pledging and serving as a Brother of this organization will add lots to the college experience, much more beyond being a good resume booster. We would be thrilled to have you as a part of our influence here on the UAF campus. The process you can go through to become a Brother of Alpha Phi Omega Nu Omega Chapter is summarized in two parts: “Rushing APO” and “Pledging APO”.

What is “rushing APO”?

Rush is a one to two week process in which you can spend time with us as a chapter for more information, insight into what we do, and to get a feel for the experience. During this time, a chapter typically evaluates rushees and decides who they would like to extend “bids” to. Since the UAF Greek community is small, Alpha Phi Omega Nu Omega does not have a competitive rush and bid process. As long as you’re interested in building up a foundation of leadership, friendship, and service, you are more than welcome to be a part of our chapter.

We encourage you to come out to our rush events so we can meet you, and you can get to know some of the brothers. We’ll have a list for those interested in pledging to contact you about the pledging process should you choose to move forward. Ask questions you have, and we’ll try our best to show you why joining APO can be a positive life changing experience.

So what comes after rushing? — Pledging!

At the end of the rush process, we will reach out to those who have expressed interest in joining our chapter and who we feel have the heart and mind to exemplify the main principles of APO. From there, the pledging process will begin. This is an 8-10 week process during which you will learn more about the principles the fraternity was founded on, and begin to embark on your journey for developing yourself in the different areas of servant leadership. If you would like to know more about the process of pledging and what will take place or be expected, give our Pledging FAQ a look. Once you complete the pledging process, you are then a Brother of Alpha Phi Omega!


Fall 2017 Rush Schedule