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Student FAQ

What type of fraternity is this?

Excellent primary question. Alpha Phi Omega is a nationally recognized Service Fraternity with more than 350 chapters located throughout more than four countries.

What is pledging?

“Pledging” is a probationary period for you to “test” the experience of Alpha Phi Omega and choose whether or not to cross as a Brother, as well as a time for the Chapter to “evaluate” your readiness to become a part of Alpha Phi Omega.

Why do you not talk about Rushing and Bids?

As you may notice, Greek life on the UAF campus is relatively small numbers. Our pledging process can be open to those wanting to join, because there is no need for competitive bids and picking who to allow into our chapter. We’re very welcoming and excited to have new students join from every walk of life, which is a luxury most chapters don’t get to experience! If Alpha Phi Omega sounds like something you’d like to do, you don’t have to compete to have a bid extended to you.

As an individual am I eligible to pledge?

We are an accepting group of students and happy to have anyone of any race, gender, sexual orientation, and personality. We do, however, have academic and otherwise general standards outlined in page 1 of our Bylaws, under §1.1. If you meet these requirements, you’re all set!

When can I pledge?

There is a Spring and Fall pledge class each year (1 per semester) that typically are formed right around the second month at the start of each semester (end of January for Spring, and the end of September for Fall). Keep an open eye for Rush, we always have a Rush week where you can come hang out and have fun with us while getting answers to any questions you may have.

Do you do hazing?

Nope! As a chapter of Alpha Phi Omega we are not permitted to officially, nor do we unofficially, engage in or allow hazing of pledges or members. As a student, you should know and stand by your rights. We do not condone compromising of said liberties.

What involvement do you have on UAF’s campus?

Alpha Phi Omega’s Nu Omega chapter is active in many of the small local service projects that take place in the community and on campus, ranging from Food Bank volunteering to security at campus events. We also play a very big part in Governor’s Cup organizing, Starvation Gulch, Winter Formal, and some of the other more prominent events throughout the year.

I see talk of “Brothers” but I’m a not a dude, can I join?

Absolutely. Alpha Phi Omega is proud to acknowledge both males and females as Brothers in the fraternity, and has for almost 40 years now.

What does pledging require of me?

Pledging is a one semester process during which you are required to attend weekly pledge classes to learn about Alpha Phi Omega’s history and direction. There is a $45 pledging fee (Why Fees?) at the beginning of the pledging process, followed by another $45 fee due at initiation. During the pledging process, your pledge class is also required to put together and complete a pledge project.

How long do I have to pledge?

Typically around 8-10 weeks.

What do I have to do to be a Brother after pledging?

There is a yearly dues fee for Brothers, and you are required to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service each semester. Brothers are also expected to attend chapter meetings.

Parent FAQ

I know the reputation some fraternities have, should I be worried about my son/daughter joining?

The simple answer is no. If anything, your son/daughter is in better hands with Alpha Phi Omega, as we are a close group meant to build friendships and leadership skills while promoting service. That is our mission, and our focus.

Is this a huge commitment that will affect my son’s/daughter’s grades?

Pledging to Alpha Phi Omega is a serious commitment, and we would like it to be taken as such. That said, not at all! We are very flexible in working with people who have tight schedules, and as a Brother we only expect a minimum of 20 service hours per semester. That is actually really easy to make, considering it’s approximately two hours a week of service.

What else can Alpha Phi Omega offer my son/daughter?

Aside from being focused on building Leadership, Friendship, and promoting Service, we are a very supportive group of people. Studying help and moral support are pretty common throughout the semesters, and we always try to encourage each other regardless of what’s going on.

I’m interested, what now?

If you know Alpha Phi Omega is something you’re interested in, go ahead and fill this out to let us know so we can reach out to you when Rush starts the next semester! You may also use this form to email any website suggestions, or general questions you may have.

Thank you for reaching out to Alpha Phi Omega Nu Omega chapter at University of Alaska Fairbanks!