On this page we’ll provide a basic breakdown of your chapter and pledge dues, so that everyone can understand where the money is going.

Initial Pledge Dues

$45 – includes National Pledging fees (~$30), Pledge Manual costs, Pledge Pin costs, APO shirt costs, etc. Most of this funding ends up going back into the pledging experience, outside of National Pledging dues.

Crossing Dues

When you cross into being a brother another $45 is due. This covers the yearly Active Brother dues required by Nationals, as well as the Chapter dues segment.

Returning Active Brother Fees

As a pledge you will not have to worry about paying Returning Brother Fees, as these are due once a calendar year and are covered in the Crossing dues. Once you are a returning brother (the next calendar year), you will have a one-time-a-year $60 Active Brother fee.

Why does National’s charge fees?
Nationals charges fees for the same reason the government takes taxes. They provide resources for the chapter, as well as paying the few Nationals leaders.

Why does the Chapter charge fees?
Our chapter fees are typically thrown right back into the mix for chapter use. This ranges from shirts, pins, manuals, and other awards to paying for materials for events. Fellowships and general events held for the campus community cost money, and dues go into maintaining the chapter as well as funding events. Because our chapter dues are so low, we often do a decent amount of fundraising as well.

How can I pay my fees?
Currently the only options to pay dues are via cash given to our VP of Finance or a check. We’re looking into what we might be able to do for taking electronic payments via paypal or something but there are university-related limitations we have to consider.

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